Year Round 



Residential Advisory Solutions' Elite Program is the most complete and detailed plan designed to manage the regular inspections, year-round maintenance, repairs and installations of all your home's needs.      The program covers every area and aspect of your property's interior, exterior, and grounds and continually brings added value to clients' assets through strategic thinking and alliances with 

like-minded companies.

In addition to all the benefits provided in the Peace of Mind Program, a customized plan will be created and implemented for your home, outlining all seasonal, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance work and recommended repairs that will occur throughout the year. By applying "proactive protection", I am trained to maintain the value and integrity of your most treasured asset.

On a regular and continuous basis, I arrange and supervise all the tradesmen, craftsmen, vendors and contractors, among which include:

  • House cleaning services

  • Handyman services (small jobs and repairs)

  • Smart Home Technology for repairs, service, upgrades/updates

  • Home security and alarm for monitoring, servicing, repairs

  • AV Systems (TV, home theater, satellite components)

  • IT Systems (computers, software, network structure, firewalls, software)

  • Telephone systems, fax, cellphone boosters

  • Plumbing repairs and upgrades

  • Drywall, stucco, painting, wallpaper, murals

  • Air ducts and registers cleaning

  • Carpet, area rug, tile floor cleaning

  • Window and screens cleaning

  • Electrical 

  • Roofing

  • Pest control services and interventions (insects, rodents, etc.)

  • Pool cleaning, maintenance, upgrade, repairs

  • Landscape maintenance, repairs, upgrades

  • And the list goes on to cover all your needs


I cannot do all the good that the world needs.

But the world needs all the good that I can do

Jana Stanfield.