New Home


Congratulations on your new home!

The new home journey can be overwhelming, the excitement of a new beginning and settling in a new house can feel like a lifetime of preparation. Whether it is new construction or a new acquisition, the seemingly endless list of duties can be very exhausting. 

If one does not come prepared and remain organized, move-in day can be a strenuous event.

To avoid any of those negative experiences, it is best to delegate this stressful, time-consuming task to a professional. Residential Advisory Solutions will partner with you by providing assistance throughout this process to keep your transition smooth and enjoyable.

You will receive assistance with:

  • Coordinate the logistics:

    • Post-construction cleaning or full detail cleaning of your new home

    • Movers, deliveries, installations of new addition equipment

    • Repairs, upgrades

    • Unpacking, organizing support

    • Service providers handling

      • Water​, gas, electrical

      • Cable, satellite, internet, phone

      • Pool service, landscape, pest control

  • Mechanical/Electrical systems :

    • HVAC​ units, water heaters, water filtration, generator, visually inspected/run or serviced

    • Circuit breakers, switches, alarm system, smoke/carbon detectors, visually inspected/tested

    • Audio/video systems, phone systems, internet checked

    • Doors, windows, locks, garage doors, gate visually inspected/checked

  • Documentation:

    • Utility meters, shut-off valves, circuit breakers, main switches​

    • All appliance/equipment manual filing

    • Local service providers list

  • Adapt the checklist to your home needs and requirements

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