Project Manager Role

When a renovation company or a group of craftsman are hired to provide construction work, a non-biased project management representative can save thousands of dollars, while ensuring that all work reconciles every wish and demand of the homeowners. 

The Project Manager will contact and screen potential tradesmen, review all licenses, insurance, permits, and legitimacy of all parties involved, and gather estimates and proposals for the homeowner to establish a budget. Additionally, he will enforce the proper chronology in which all tasks are completed, according to the scope and direction of the project. Furthermore, he will act as the point of contact among all contracted professionals to ensure everything meets the satisfaction of the homeowner. 

With Residential Advisory Solutions by your side, you are assured top quality service for all your home construction needs.


New Home


Congratulations on your new home!

The new home journey can be overwhelming, the excitement of a new beginning and settling in a new house can feel like a lifetime of preparation. Whether it is new construction or a new acquisition, the seemingly endless list of duties can be very exhausting. 

If one does not come prepared and remain organized, move-in day can be a strenuous event.

To avoid any of those negative experiences, it is best to delegate this stressful, time-consuming task to a professional. Residential Advisory Solutions will partner with you by providing assistance throughout this process to keep your transition smooth and enjoyable.

You will receive assistance with:

  • Coordinate the logistics:

    • Post-construction cleaning or full detail cleaning of your new home

    • Movers, deliveries, installations of new addition equipment

    • Repairs, upgrades

    • Unpacking, organizing support

    • Service providers handling

      • Water​, gas, electrical

      • Cable, satellite, internet, phone

      • Pool service, landscape, pest control

  • Mechanical/Electrical systems :

    • HVAC​ units, water heaters, water filtration, generator, visually inspected/run or serviced

    • Circuit breakers, switches, alarm system, smoke/carbon detectors, visually inspected/tested

    • Audio/video systems, phone systems, internet checked

    • Doors, windows, locks, garage doors, gate visually inspected/checked

  • Documentation:

    • Utility meters, shut-off valves, circuit breakers, main switches​

    • All appliance/equipment manual filing

    • Local service providers list

  • Adapt the checklist to your home needs and requirements


Household Manual


Your Home Guidebook

Whether you own a large residence with staff members or a busy household that requires intricate and constant upkeep, having a household manual in place can save you countless headaches and hassles.

A household manual is a customized guidebook that demonstrates a standardized approach for homeowners and any staff in place. The purpose of such manual is to establish guidelines in advance that will lead to optimal daily operation and concentrate all the vital information 

regarding the smooth running of your home.

The volume and sophistication of such a manual will depend on several factors, including the size of the property, presence of staff, complexity of the home and amenities, use of the home, etc...

The types of information you may expect are:


  • Home mechanical systems operational and maintenance programs:

    • HVAC​ units, water heaters, water filtration, septic systems, humidity control systems

    • Garage doors, gates, sliders, elevators, central vacuum systems

    • Kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, wine cooler/cellar, hoods, grill

    • Circuit breakers, backup generator, solar systems, backup water systems

  • Home technology systems:

    • Smart Home Technology, audio & video instructions and troubleshooting

    • Alarm and security/surveillance

    • IT Systems, computers, software, network structure, internet, telephone, fax

    • Home theater, game room equipment

  • Exterior features and amenities:

    • Pool, spa, slides, waterfall, fountain, pond (pumps, heaters, filtration)

    • Landscape, grounds, putting green, orchard, irrigation and maintenance

    • Grill area and equipment, outdoor shower, outdoor entertainment systems

    • Roof, gutters, drainage, exhaust and ports

  • Housekeeping procedures and standards

  • Security and safety procedures

  • Contact list for tradesmen, contractors, service providers, etc.

  • All aspects of every home can be tailored to each client's requirements.